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George Harrison died at the age of 58 of cancer… with a wife, kids and friends that loved him…and he left behind some of the most beautiful music ever recorded.


Martin Scorsese did a documentary, I don’t even know if you can call it that – more like a masterpiece, on George Harrison’s life called George Harrison: Living in the Material World.  When I used to listen to his music, whether it was a Beatles song, his solo albums or his work with The Traveling Wilburys – it always gave me this feeling of calm.  Sometimes, during peak stress times in the office I’ll play his albums and it really helps.  After watching the documentary four times now,  I understand why it makes me feel this way – George just got it right in so many ways.



The film talks about the early years of the Beatles and the relationships between the four of them.  It also goes into why George felt the need to break away, get out of the light and start his own journey of finding something more to life. What was amazing was the fact that all of his travels were fueled by his passion for his music.

Eric and George

As I watched the documentary, which happens to be about four hours, I started to get a sense of just how special George was.  Whenever we think of a rock star’s life, we automatically think how amazing it must be to have success, fame and fortune…but these very “things” were the foundation of a prison cell he was building around himself. Rather than living the rock star lifestyle, he left it all behind because he didn’t need it.


One of the most touching interviews was of Eric Clapton talking about how George would come to his house with his guitar, take walks in the garden and just happen to create songs like Here Comes The Sun.  It revealed what a genius George was, how he could really feel music.


Hearing these stories just makes you stop in your tracks and want to feel your work again, feel invigorated and ready to put your focus and effort back into the things you love..and it makes you forget some of the daily noise that goes on around all of us.



For me, this documentary acted like a reset button on my life, my passions and my vision.  It made me see things clearly and brought me back to my childhood when I knew, as most of us did, what was really important to me.


George Harrison is not only one of the greatest musicians of all time, he really was an extraordinary human being.  He is, just by being himself, inspiring enough.

Garden for George
It is not generally known that George Harrison was an immensely talented and passionate gardener. As a celebration of his life, music and philosophy, “From Life to Life, A Garden For George” was presented at the Chelsea Flower Show in May 2008, depicting George’s life and journey from the material to the spiritual world. ~ from George’s website